Aroma de Ambiente


Exclusive product created to diffuse Coqui Coqui’s unique and fascinating scents, awakening the senses and creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. Inspired by the Coqui Coqui lifestyle, based on a simple luxury and adventurer’s spirit, embodied in its classic and elegant design. The Coqui Coqui Perfumeria offers an expansive range of unique scents to the modern fragrance industry, original in their rich simplicity.

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Sizing & Details

  • 37% Essential Oils
    63% Cereal Alcohol Deodorized
    375ml / 12.68oz
    750ml / 25.36oz

    Available in 350ml & 750ml

Shipping Restrictions

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE! Due to the regulations for shipping flammable products via air, there is an additional shipping fee of $106.00 USD per order up to 20kg. In order to purchase all of our alcohol-based products (such as such as perfumes, room diffusers, and linen spray) you will be required to agree to this fee at the time of purchase. Additionally, these products will be packaged in a separate box and shipping cost will be calculated separately. For more information please contact us at

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$ 2,100.00 MXN